Şanlı İlaç Quality Culture

Şanlı İlaç has a strong culture based on its past.

Our company progresses with innovative approaches taking strength from its deep-rooted past in order to preserve its competitive position in the market and to constantly develop and improve its products and processes.

In systems applied in Şanlı İlaç, it is emphasized that quality is a management approach. Şanlı İlaç, placing emphasis on human factor as well as systems and techniques, has formed its own quality culture with this management style. This culture covers all activities to reach the same quality at the first stage, in time, and every time.

As constant quality improvement is targeted, it is aimed to produce high-quality, safe, and effective products. GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), TS EN ISO 9001:2015, assisting standards and guides are the quality tools which are utilized to reach the targets. In order to approach zero error, these quality tools are used in all processes from the research and development to market feedbacks.

Şanlı İlaç attempts to prevent the possible damages to environment and to minimize environmental pollution by specifying the potential risks with its quality approach in its culture.

Quality Development

Quality culture, based on the deep-rooted past, has reached today by climbing the following stages; and it is constantly developing and advancing.

  • Treatment stage,
  • Quality control stage,
  • Quality assurance and total quality management

Quality journey, beginning with only treatment, continues with an approach ensuring the prevention of all events before they occur after the quality control stage. Therefore, with all these activities, the pharmaceutical quality assurance is ensured.