Şanlı Laboratory was Founded. 1948

It was founded by Pharmacist Seyit D. Şanlı and Dr. Mustafa S. Şanlı in İzmir with the name of “Şanlı Laboratuvarı.”

It became a Collective Company. 1951

It became a collective company.

Şanlı Perforated Plaster with Capsicum was Released to the Market. 1966

Hallmark of the Plaster, Şanlı Perforated Plaster with Capsicum was released to the market.

It Became an Incorporated Company. 1981

It took the name of Şanlı İlaç Sanayi A.Ş.

Started Concentrating on the Production of Traditional Herbal Medical Products and Plasters. 2001

The production of 29 Types of Prescription, Repayment Supported, Generic Medicine was Terminated. It Oriented Towards the Production of Traditional Herbal Medical products and Plasters.

Movement to the New Factory in Compliance with GMP requirements. 2006

A New Factory was Established in Compliance with GMP Requirements on 5021 M2 Outdoor Area in Çiğli A. O. I. Z.

Foreign Market Research Began. 2009

Foreign Market Research Began. Distributorship Contract was Signed with Iran.

Participation in Foreign Fairs Began. 2011

Participation in foreign fairs began.


Product Development Study Began within the Scope of Tubitak Project 1507.

KOSGEB Support Programme 2013

R&D Activities Began for Innovative Topical Product with Herbal Ingredients within the Frame of KOSGEB Support Programme.

Five-Year Investment Plan was Prepared. 2015

Five-year investment plan was prepared. Activities for New Production Building, New Production Lines, Automation of Sources Such As ERP and MRP, and Institutionalization began.