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Our Company, founded as “Sanli Laboratories”​ in 1948, incorporated in 1951, alongside the production of pharmaceuticals such as analgesics, antibiotics etc., has manufactured topical naturally derived plasters since 1966. With the increasing global interest on topical, herbal and natural pharmaceutical, the company suspended its medicine production at the end of 2001 and focused on topical, generally herbal and naturally derived products, which are actually its area of expertise and leadership.

As a result of intense research and development studies, our company pioneered the production of plasters, thermal plasters, ointments, and liniments which have non equipollents in Turkey. The company is legitimated with GMP rules and ISO9001, ISO 13485 with Turkish Republic Ministry of Health, Medicine and Medical Device Foundation approvals. With 9 regional directorate and medical sales representatives staff in Turkey, has a product range, capable of catering all of the approximate 24.000 pharmacies and market leader according to the data obtained from IMS.

Tips for a Painless Life

Tips for a Painless Life In society, 80 out of every 100 people complain of low back pain at some point in their life. Around 70 to 85 % of patients with low back pain recover spontaneously in 6 weeks. Low back pain may result from a wide range of health problems such as muscle…

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Why Perforated Plaster Should be Used?

If you have a constant pain in your legs, your arms, your neck, your shoulders and your low back, if you have muscle pains after sport activities, and if you have stomach problems when you take the traditional pain killers in these conditions or if your foot swell, ŞANLI KAPSİKUMLU DELİKLİ YAKI (ŞANLI PERFORATED PLASTER)…

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